20 August 2010


So, let's just say, that I am a normal young woman, who like everyone else is just looking for a place in this world, and trying to not go completely insane while finding herself in the process. I'm not going to promise that I'm normal but we can pretend :)

I really do very stupid things. I know everyone does, but I feel like I do them more than other people. Probably because I know all my mistakes and very few of anyone else's. But I do such silly, stupid things. Like move back and forth between two states on opposite sides of the country simply because I get too comfortable, and also because I don't know what I'm doing with my life.

I don't ever do anything right. Like, I know what to do, but I sabotage myself somehow every time. It's absolutely ridiculous. And my plans never ever work out. If I plan it, it's guaranteed to fail.

Like I was going to finish college in four years and then get a good job somewhere. Yeah, definitely not happening. I'm not even technically a student there right now because I can't register for classes due to the large sum of money I owe them. So now I don't really know what I'm gonna do. At least, I don't know what I'll do until I can get my debt paid off.

And I owe credit card people, and student loan people, and gold's gym because they're assholes, and I've gotta find job in like the next few days so I can get paid in time to pay next month's rent.

You know, life is stressful right now. And I don't even have to pay much as far as bills and all that go. My parents bought my car for me, and they are paying for my phone bill. And all my insurance(s). Right now I have it relatively easy as far as bills go, and yet I am still so damn poor haha.

Well, I'm not trying to make this an angry blog, because I don't like angry things, but it seems like most of the feelings I have inside of me are unhappy or angry ones. And this blog is definitely my little secret telling spot of my life, where no one can judge me because either no one will read it or because they don't know me.

I'll just say, on a happy note, that I have the most adorable niece and she has the cutest brother who is such a adorable nephew, and then I have the cutest funniest twin 4 year old nephews. They are so much fun to play with. Unfortunately I am moving across the country so I won't be able to see them for a while.

I don't know when I'm gonna be back home. Fuck, I don't even know that I'll be back in for Christmas. Especially since I don't know who I'll be working for and I don't know that I'll be able to get any time off to fly in. And it costs so much money. I can't say I'd be too terribly upset. Except I'd miss my niece nephews.

Well, as fascinating as I'm sure this post is, I think I have to end it and maybe start working on another one about different stuff. And also apply for jobs online. I hate money, probably because I don't have any of it, haha.

Oh, and here is a man who I think is really really ridiculously good looking.

Peace out. XOXO

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  1. The reason you think he is ridiculously good looking is because he is!